About Landmark Companies

Landmark Companies is known state-wide for the acquisition, development, rehabilitation, construction and management of multi-family properties for rent and for sale. Together, Landmark’s principals have successfully acquired, developed, sponsored and managed more than 5,000 apartment units with a cost basis of over $500 million.

Landmark Companies enjoys a well-deserved reputation for getting jobs done on budget and on time. Indeed, broadly active in the affordable housing business since its inception, and through some very challenging times, Landmark has not once faced a foreclosure. In fact, neither Landmark nor its principals have ever had to restructure a loan. Because of this excellent track record, the same core of investors and lenders work with Landmark Companies year after year.

Meanwhile, Landmark Companies continues to impress. Landmark sold its multi-family housing portfolio to a nationally recognized state pension fund. Landmark affiliates conducted two condo conversions totaling 674 units – that sold out prior to one of the worst real estate downturns in our nation’s history.

The secret to Landmark’s ongoing success is the result of choosing great locations and building the finest projects. That’s how Landmark Companies found its first opportunities, more than 30 years ago, on the streets of New York…... and it’s how Landmark Companies will continue going forward.